Wrapping up the Fashion Mentoring Sessions


First Impressions. 

Over several weeks I shared by best advice and insight, gave guidance and perspective based on experience to assist with all the specific and personalised questions or queries from each mentee. More often than not criss-crossing between ‘career mentor’ and a ‘life mentor’.  

Very soon into starting the fashion mentorship sessions, I realised that it’s a two way experience.

Every session gave something back. 

Every connection was a highlight. 

Every conversation was engaging. 

As we wrap up with season 1 of the first ever Fashion Handbook mentoring sessions I’d like to share some of the words of advice.

1. In the real world, real work needs to be done. Get out of your head, start activating your dreams. There is NO way of getting around it.

2. Beware the Mental blocks. Don’t let the lack of something like funding for e.g. block you from the potentiality of life and opportunities around the corner. In other words…

3. Start with what you have. Work with who you know. In your immediate vicinity.

4. Sometimes all that’s needed is a new perspective, so just reframe the picture

5. Step up in YOUR space. Present yourself. Here’s a quote from Michele Obama that adequately captures this point. “If you don’t get out there and define yourself, you’ll be quickly and inaccurately defined by others.” 

6. Understand what success means to you. This definition can and must evolve . Success must be internalised not externalised 

7. Understand that behind closed doors your faves are working very hard. Don’t be fooled by glamour. 

8. Excellence . Are you working to become the best YOU? Are you preparing to meet opportunity?

9. Every experience is an education, holding pearls of wisdom. So keep moving forward. One day at a time. 

10. Appreciate the process of getting started by experimenting, learning, changing in order to facilitate your own evolution and growth

Thank you to all the mentees who signed up and showed up!

I’m in the process of decompressing the entire experience, working on the possibilities of season 2, thinking up a more enhanced experience for all in the next round. 

I’ll leave you with a few fun facts:

90% of the mentees participating in the first ever Fashion Handbook South Africa Fashion mentoring sessions were woman

95% of the mentees I had never met before …and never did a session run dry of conversation or feel any kinds of awkward. 

Never did 30 mins fly by so fast.

Not everyone was starting out, but most were.

Most mentees wanted a personal interaction. But Video call and a Watsapp conversation worked just as well.  

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