Women’s Day 2020

Written By @leannetrcy, owner/publisher of @safashionhandbook 

The future doesn’t change if we don’t.

I’d like to acknowledge this Women’s Day of 2020 by using it to activate intentions around the single biggest challenge in South Africa involving women, that being Gender Based Violence.

1997 Source: SAHA Exhibition Kit – Women

It is not possible to fully & joyfully celebrate this public holiday which has its foundations in the commemoration of the historic women’s march (1956) to protest injustice, and the role women played in the journey to a free, democratic, safe and peaceful South Africa whilst our current lived experience is trapped in a scourge of the worst kind of violence. We all know and feel it -deeply- in the names and memories of Uyinene Mrwetyana and Tshegofatso Pule, and all the victims both known and unknown.

It’s enough.

I want to take a stand today.

I believe we can begin to take inspired action by designing solutions around the following ideas. My hope is that by sharing you can join in too or add your own. 

Creating Clearing spaces

Imagine something like a ‘clearing house’ that holds space for healing. Harmonious and spiritual spaces, even exhibitions, that are non judgemental to help clear and heal.

These can be both physical and digital spaces that create space for the trauma to surface, for awareness and release.

This is purpose driven work that aims to bring awareness , shine a light on the darkness, provide support, and help detox.

Practical solutions

This is about how to take a simple act towards enabling victims to easily move towards safety and new possibilities. Options like supporting safe houses, shelters or other alternative safe environments that provide immediate solutions, to help and support women and children who are ‘stuck’ in domestic situations of violence and abuse of all kinds to get out. 

Many small simple acts can create a sea change in the life of many women and children right now who are experiencing domestic abuse and violence, one of the biggest causes of GBV. 

Plus as part of our ongoing efforts to support self-care, you can find all our published articles, guides and tips here. 


This is imperative. As a mother of a son, I believe a massive educational campaign directed at young men (teens and young adults) is needed now. The aim is to inform, teach, guide, support young men to be positive role models and to BE THE CHANGE.

We have to stop the generational curse of violence and hatred towards women. 

Calling on any individuals, influencers, brands, agencies, fathers willing to work together with us on creating and executing this initiative to connect with us here.

Women’s movement

I’m just going to keep it simple and say this. 

Bottom line, we need a cohesive, unified, modern women’s movement in South Africa with an agenda to advance our rights and lives in every sphere. As we rise, I know it’s possible.

In the meantime, how about requesting from the President of the Republic of South Africa a similar COVID-19 reporting type ‘dashboard’ for GBV stats, data and information on a continuous basis? Can we highlight the hotspots, the types of incidences , safety info, where justice has prevailed etc?

Government has shown us that it has the capabilities and the resources. Now it’s time to show the will to lead AND to act to end GBV.

Demand action Now. Sign this petition.

The goal of this post is to inspire action in each one of us towards servicing the greater good and taking charge of our lived experience now.

The future doesn’t change if we don’t.  



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