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In a time of increased global connections, social media influence, political upheaval & the dissolution of traditional fashion as we know it, the AW2018 season is an exciting and thought-provoking time for the fashion industry.

There is growing importance surrounding conscious consumption with genuine & hand-crafted pieces, that honour the maker and are ethically sourced. Fashion that is sustainable with long-lasting appeal is integral for this way of thinking. There is a strong mend-and-repair attitude, regenerating heritage garments and transforming them into this season’s wardrobe staples.

There is also a big pull between local vs global – what does local even mean anymore? With growing connections and multi-cultural worldwide inspiration, we are seeing more and more layered influences, ranging from the way we dress and accessorise to how we decorate our homes, the music we listen to and the food we choose to eat. The boundaries are blurring as design & style become globalised, feeling simultaneously familiar yet new and fresh. With the rise in globalised street culture and the need to be “woke”, we see how influences from across the world are shared, reposted and reimagined to create a fashion direction that is youthful and expressive, while remaining localised in interpretation.

There is a growing desire to be heard and make a statement, this is taken quite literally as a key trend for the season. High visibility slogans & branding, teamed  with bold colours are an important trend direction for mens & ladies. Gender-neutral utility details seen in accessories such as sporty lanyard clips and key chains, and circular metal hardware details on belts & handbags, are key to complete this look. Classic, hand-me-down items add a nostalgic touch, with timeworn pieces revived and worn as treasures. The more authentic and worn-in the better, think distressed leather jackets, classic sportswear tracksuits & roll-neck jerseys.

Overall, key to remember for the upcoming AW2018 season is functional form with commercial silhouettes are important. Minimal utility details are an accessory highlight, and cinched waists for ladies, whether it be waisted belts or high waisted pants, make for a simple yet dramatic statement. For menswear, relaxed, comfortable fits that tone-down tailoring or elevate sportswear that can take you from day to night, updated with seasonal colours, prints & fabrics are essential to keep you up to date. | |  Instagram: @ambergrant


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