Tips and Trends for stylish winter looks


The fact that Summer has come & gone and made way for Winter is probably one of the most comforting thoughts right now in what is arguably one of the most unpredictable seasons of our lives.

We love to do it!

As we like to do when a new season is upon us, which also feels strangely rather comforting, is review some of our favourite upcoming fashion trends which you may have seen on the streets during fashion weeks and some on the actual runway.

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Bright pop colour suits


Suits have always been around but this season, switch it up a little with Bright Pop Colours. Brighten up the cold days with a colourful two piece outfit. Normally, Winter is associated with wearing duller and dullish colours which can have a negative impact on our mood. But not this season!

Chocolate Brown


Deep, rich, velvety chocolate brown is a winner this season. Whether you go 70% chocolate or all the way to 100% , either way it will be a delectable choice.

Tiger Prints


You don’t have to be the Tiger king to rock these prints this winter. I think we can all agree that animal prints always make the cut for seasonal fashion trends lists, whether it’s on your teddy coat or pants.

Trousers Tucked into Boots


Do you ever notice how every year, people say “I feel like this Winter is going to be colder than ever”? Well, you can take it up a notch with dodging the cold wind by tucking your trousers into your boots. Trends don’t always have to be a new item or style of clothing, it also includes the change in how you style what you already have. This is a more sustainable approach to rocking a new trend.

Quilted bomber jackets


What’s winter without a bomber jacket? One of the most essential items of clothing to have during the winter time is the bomber jacket and every year, there’s always a new twist. Quilted heels were the one of the hottest trends in summer and this time, we’re seeing it in the bomber jacket making it puffier and lighter-looking.

Tonal outfits


We’ve seen a similar concept to this with Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian in latex outfits from Balmain’s fall 2020 collection. So simple and monotone, yet so effective!

Hiker boots

Who says you need to be hiking to wear these boots? If there’s one thing that could do with a little more glamourizing, it’s hiking. These grunge style boots have become the perfect contrast when wearing a dress.

Trench cape

It’s always fun when the best of both worlds come together to create something magical. Capes make us feel free and comfortable whereas trench coats make us feel safe and warm. Now, you can have both and conquer the fashion streets!

Two-tone outfit

Since we’re all about colour in winter, having a playful element to your outfit seems to boost confidence in one’s own personal style. Two-toned outfits are a great way to elevate your style to another level and separate you from the rest. We’d love to see how fashionistas interpret this style during winter.

Let us know which of these winter fashion trends you would rock this year and which ones are a miss for you. We’d also love to hear which other trends you are loving, that we may have missed.

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Written by: Olwethu Ngodela

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