Things to do during the Easter Weekend

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One of the most eventful times of the year has arrived and although its origin is quite religious, there are many other things to do during this time.


Lindt chocolate studio

Religious or not, Easter is known for being around those you care about the most. Take them to the Design Quarter in Fourways for a Lindt chocolate class Lindt Master Chocolatiers give you guidance on how to make and bake your very own Lindt Chocolate Cupcakes decorating them with your personal style!



Easter high tea

If you’re more of the boujee type, then this one is for you! Swap champagne for tea at the Michelangelo Towers for the Easter high tea event. It is the perfect excuse to dress up in your fanciest outfit!



Feasting at home

For those who celebrate Easter the traditional way, a delicious lunch feast is one of the key elements to the perfect Easter weekend. Click here for a master recipe to impress your family and friends.



Market On Main

Maboneng Precinct is popular for their Sunday market and overall vibe. From food to cocktails to African inspired arts and crafts, your Easter Sunday can never be boring.




Enjoying your Easter Sunday lunch in the country sounds like something you would only imagine in a movie. Casalinga is bringing your imagination to life with a fun family day! You can look forward to a delicious Sunday Lunch that includes Easter favourites like homemade, oven baked bread, traditional Italian Parma Ham, potato dumplings in a creamy truffle sauce, prime beef fillet and a mouth-watering selection of delectable desserts.



Online shopping

For the shopaholics, the public holiday period can prevent you from some important retail therapy. With online shopping, you can shop anytime and anywhere. We would suggest you shop at Equilibrio.



With so much to do during this Easter weekend, we hope that you enjoy the festivities and if you are planning on doing any of the above, tag us on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook


Written by: Olwethu Ngodela

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