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The top “IT” Fashion items by Black Designers that everyone is wearing.

In fashion, there’s always the top “IT” items every fashionable industry professional wears. And then shortly thereafter makes the item hard to access….like that Mansur Gavriel bucket bag that every fashion editor seemed to have back in 2015.

That Mansur Gavriel bucket bag had a waitlist for up to about two years once upon a time in fashion history at Bergdorf Goodman. I remember because I wanted the small black bucket bag so, so bad and I couldn’t get my hands on one.

In 2020, a new wave of designers have been making fashion’s “IT” items list.  More specifically, black designers have been behind some of the industries most desirable items of the last year. These popular items are consistently being sold via a preorder program or on resell sites because the demands for these styles are just that high.


Check out the must have “IT” items from these designers that everyone can’t seem to get enough of.

Brandon Blackwood, ESR Tote

 It doesn’t get much better than a fashion piece with a positive message attached to it. And designer Brandon Blackwood’s ESR tote does just that. At the start of 2020, designer Brandon Blackwood decided to create a design that expressed how he truly felt; and from there, the ‘End Systemic Racism’ tote was born. The mini, yet big and bold statement bag quickly became an influencer’s go to statement bag.

Unfortunately, the brand has just released its last preorder of this style in 37 colors on March 26th. So, if you were like me, and missed your opportunity to purchase the ESR tote, just know you’re not alone. I’m sure the resellers will have these bags on resell platform sites for triple the original price. While I’m slightly disappointed this style is officially discontinued, I’m excited to see what is next from Blackwood.






Hanifa, Miya Knit Cardigan

Ever since designer Hanifa broke the internet with her 3D fashion show, the fashion industry can’t seem to get enough of this brand. This versatile ankle length cardigan style is one of my personal “IT” fashion items to have right now. I follow a ton of fashion professionals on social media and I’ve seen the Miya Cardigan worn over the last several months by pretty much every single fashion blogger and influencer.

In addition, the Miya Knit Cardigan has been produced in a variety of vibrant, bold color ways and there’s even a mini version for the mini fashionistas.



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Pyer Moss, The Sculpt

Pyer Moss started working on the sculpt sneaker back in 2017 and the design wasn’t officially released until three years later in 2020. These sneakers were worth the three-year wait, as this style is highly in demand selling for up to $1,000, which is 50% of a mark up from the original price of $595. A short film was recently produced showcasing just how passionate people are about getting a pair of Sculpts on the brand’s IG page. This video is quite hilarious, because it is indeed true. The short film embodies the lengths sneakerheads in New York City are willing to go to get a pair of sneakers and the struggle is real.



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Telfar, Shopping Bag

You know you’ve made it in the industry when a huge brand that has been around for decades before your brand existed, knocks off your designs.

Of course, the “Bushwick Birkin” has now made this list.

The Telfar shopping bag has got to be the most recognizable item I notice while I’m walking the streets of New York City, especially in the Soho area of Manhattan. Every mini shopping bag from black to orange on any given day can be seen in Soho.

And like the Brandon Blackwood bag, a pre-order from Telefar has been established so fans of the brand can get every single color desired with the launch of the  2nd Security Bag program. If you’re interested in a bag, my advice is to follow Telfar’s IG page, as bags are usually restocked in different colorways often.



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