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Cedric Mizero is a fashion designer who has an artistic approach to his work. Having grown up in Kigali, Rwanda, his work has a deep connection with the people from his culture and hometown and without fail, captures their stories through a beautiful display.

His work: His project/collection “Fashion for All” highlights the men and women from his village, inviting people to reflect about the value of each individual and their right to access and enjoy fashion regardless of their age, size, social or economic status. Under the Fashion for All umbrella project, fashion collections presented in art installation settings include Strong Women (2017) and Beauty in the Heart (2018).

In 2018, The Rwandan self-taught artist was selected to participate in the International Fashion Showcase 2019 as one of the 16 finalists out of 200+ applications from young fashion designers around the world and even went on to be awarded with the Special Mention to Curation for his Dreaming My Memory project. Mizero is definitely an artist to watch!

Just like all his projects, Mizero finds inspiration from his culture and the women and men surrounding it and also highlights the social issues faced by them. In his recent body of work titled, A new life in the village, he continues to highlight these prominent figures that he finds himself around and some of the challenges faced by the women in their relationship specifically with medicine.

In recent years, spread and access of medicine in rural areas has led to increased use and consumption of contemporary remedies a thus replacing traditional methods. A New life in the Village intends to question what has this medicine revolution meant for people living in rural areas, and what are the challenges and responsibilities that are left for women acting as the family cornerstone. Because these women live in rural areas, the contemporary remedies may not always be available to them. These questions refer to awareness, accessibility, distribution and usage.

“The project ‘A new life in the village’ was a project commissioned by: The Store X, The Vinyl Factory to do an exhibition in London on a venue called 180 The Strand,  the exhibition consist of a 5 min film, 6 pictures and an installation, more than 150 people were involved in the project (including my team, actors and extras) it was a very demanding and beautiful work. The exhibition has been open to the public from the 12th of October and is still on”, says the fashion creative.

He also mentions that there are currently 2 very important exhibitions in the same venue:

  1. United Visual Artists Other Space presented by The Store X, The Vinyl Factory, in collaboration with Fondation Cartier Pour L’Art Contemporain, Paris.
  2. TRANSFORMER: A Rebirth Of Wonder, presented by The Store X The Vinyl Factory and curated by Jefferson Hack

You can view more of Cedric Mizero’s work here and follow on Instagram: @cedric250

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