A Taste Of Istanbul


I have spent the last 12 hours wandering around Istanbul looking at curios, crafts and loads of stuff that’s ‘Made in China!’ After five hours of sightseeing, walking among the masses of tourists and locals, I headed over to Takim Square – the Oxford street of Istanbul – and took in some retail therapy!

Eventually I’d had enough of Zara, H&M and Burger King! So I made a detour to the oh-so-inspiring Stay. Known for its quirkiness around the world, this stylish little hotel / bar /eating spot captures the cool take of art and modernism of Turkey. There is some really inspiring play on color, print, crazy table settings and an amazing view of some great graffiti.

When in Istanbul, I insist you take a detour and sip a Martini to calm the nerves after a day of hustling and shopping.

I love Istanbul, and the Istanbul Modern is a world-class museum that is fantastic. Wandering the streets and alley’s, exploring the contrasts of old and new makes one feel nostalgic about what it could have been in the days of Constantinople! Did you know the Turks invented toilets, bathing and had the most sophisticated sewerage in the world?

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