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Sara Maino and Vogue Talents 10 global team

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Hands up if you can believe it’s the last Sunday in September already?

And as per usual since May, the last Sunday of every month is reserved for the #Publisherspick of Fashion reads, usually a selection of three to five interesting, intriguing fashion stories from around the world.

Today’s pick however gives some insight and perspective of my trip to Milan, Italy last week. Here’s a story that highlights a project I’ve contributed to for several years by sharing African Fashion stories of fashion weeks and talent from around the continent.  This year ‘Vogue Talents’ celebrated 10 years with an exhibition of some of the most important fashion talent from around the world , talent that was first scouted and supported through the platform. Coupled with the Vogue Italia September 2019 issue was a special Vogue Talents 10 year print issue , in which I am honoured to be a part of the Global Vogue Talents team as an African contributor. 

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Happy Sunday, look forward to sharing the new October issue of Fashion handbook South Africa in the coming weeks.

Leanne x

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