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Itumeleng Solar Baloyi, a wellness and self-care enthusiast shares her beauty story.

On Affirmations

Most of us probably don’t get enough affirmations early on in our lives, whilst growing up. Affirmations from our mother’s and father’s, as well as from society.

Affirmations that could remind us of our self-worth and inform us of our inherent and unique beauty. Ones’ that could stand up to the kind of force-fed, mass-circulated beauty standards.

I remember being scared of mirrors because I never wanted to look at myself. I didn’t like what I would see when I did.

I was in High School. A young girl. With heightened senses, and no clue of what beauty actually is, but constantly bombarded with the world’s standards of it.

So naturally, that’s what I took and used as a reference against myself and whether I matched up. On some days I felt like I did and on most, I didn’t.

Fast forward to my twenties, I still struggle with insecurities.

More self-aware, telling my body that I love it and that it’s beautiful has become an act of self-love.

Natural skin is the best skin.

Beautiful skin is the best confidence boost. I like the feeling of feeling beautiful without a stitch of make-up on.


I appreciate the skin that I am in. Its tones and undertones, its texture, its imperfections. It’s really telling of me and spirit.



Having eczema has not made this easier, with my skin being extra sensitive and dry in certain weather conditions. I have learned that when it comes to my skin, the simpler the better. Although I do often fall into the trap of doing too much!

My skincare routine is a deliberate act of meditation

Being fully aware and present during my daily skincare regimen has transformed it into an act of meditation. Consciously, I thank myself for taking care of my skin. It’s my largest organ. So when I touch it, I really touch it and feel it. There’s beauty in that.

My affirmations during this self-love ritual are: “I love and accept myself”, “I am grateful for the skin that I am in”

Mindful beauty

There’s so much beauty and power resting in awareness, recognition and mindfulness.

Because it brings presence and intention into every moment.

Things that may seem small and insignificant, become monumental in our joy and the creation of it.

Diversity in beauty

Representation in beauty matters is a valid and significant part of any beauty dialogue. The definition of beauty has become wider. Social media has also helped us to find our own voices and we no longer have to listen to the fashion houses, publications, beauty brands and billboards, and what they say about beauty.

Instead, we listen to ourselves. And each other.

Essential beauty

Beauty is essentially an inner elixir that pours out. It’s about waking up and liking the person you see when you brush your teeth.


Good skin makes using make-up so much easier because there’s less to do.


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