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SiSi the collection is all about the classic shirt with a twist. Here  we get to  meet the SiSi’s behind the brand and find out more.

WHO IS SISI: Yasmin Furmie and Cynthia Allie . Best friends, who consider each other sisters, and now business partners.


Q: Where did it all start? 

SiSi started after I’d been involved in a collaboration with the designer of Missshape , Jamal Nxledana. I knew that I wanted to be more formally involved in the fashion space and a conversation I’d had with my best friend years ago about doing a business together, came to mind. I suggested to her that it was the right moment and that we should do white shirts. It exemplified both our love of the classic shirt with an edge and even more so, her obsession with the white shirt.

 Q: What is the type of woman that wears SiSi the Collection?

Our target market is really anyone who wants to wear a shirt with a difference. We try and cater for a wide range of people who love fashion, who love something different . No exclusions!

Q: Can you take us through your design and creative process?

As we have a pop up once a year, we usually send each other ideas throughout the year. We eventually sit down and as the design fundi, Cynthia draws. We discuss what works, what will be unique to our shirts and eventually have the patterns and samples made. Once this is done, we tweak  and once the sample is finished, it goes into production.



 Q: What makes “Sisi the collection” different from other brands?

What makes SiSi different is that we concentrate on a particular garment. We haven’t ventured into anything else yet and that sets us apart from other brands.

Q: What has been your  personal favourite collection thus far?

This last collection, I particularly loved our layered shirt and I’m sure Cynthia loved the oversized shirt dress.

Q:  How would you style your pieces on your typical day in Johannesburg?

Our shirts are the easiest to style. They work well alone and together with skirts and trousers. I love wearing mine in a monochromatic way, often pairing my voluminous shirts with equally voluminous skirts or trousers.

 Q: What can we expect from “Sisi the collection” in 2019?

We’ve introduced black shirts into our collection. Our collection for 2019 will have the covetable styles for everyone and a few new surprises.

Currently available via Instagram.



Written by: Olwethu Ngodela

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