Self-care tips


No Excuses…

Neglecting self-care has real consequences for your mind, body, and even your professional life.

If you don’t prioritize your well-being, it will manifest into bigger problems.

Here’s how to fit self-care into your busy schedule.


Taking time out of your busy schedule to check in with yourself and figure out what you need is the key to maintaining your overall well-being. Meditation is the best way to tap into your intuition and increase self-awareness.

*Try setting up an area in your home (or even your office) where you can sit in peace and quiet and truly concentrate on your being. Or a one-minute awareness of your thoughts, actions, feelings, and pay attention to your breathing.

Schedule time alone, for exercise, for rest and for fun.

Get to know yourself by exploring different things. Get to know yourself well enough not just to function but to flourish

*start off with a once a week appointment with yourself. Do one thing that makes you happy

Drink your water

The modern working person has it all — everything but enough time. Even with a busy schedule, stay hydrated.

  • create a deliberate habit to drink water.

Be still

Sit still and be quiet for a few minutes. .

*the minute you wake up, stay off your phone and rather be still.


“Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi

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