Round up of 2020 Summer beauty trends


Summer Beauty looks


One of the few things that have kept us together during this time is our shared love for creativity. Whether it’s appreciating it from a distance on social media or being the actual creator and inspiring others.

Beauty is such a huge part of the fashion industry and let’s just say, they belong together and are our couple-goals.

So this December, the focus is on beauty.

Look out for all exclusive content and our favourite Summer 2020 beauty trends that we have our eyes on.

Summer is the one season where playing with some make-up feels totally worth it and a whole lot more fun.


Here are our favourite Summer 2020 beauty trends so far:

Feathered brows

This has been one of the biggest beauty trends this year and we are all about it!

It’s easy, natural looking and the closest way to becoming an angel. Whether you use the soap bar method or the edge control method, you’ll be looking like you’re coming straight from an editorial shoot.


Graphic liner

Art is expressed in so many different ways and make-up is one of them. Graphic eyeliner gives your look a whole lot of character especially if you’re going in with a bright colour, which is fitting for the summer time!


Glossy lips

Everybody loves a good glossy moment and it has taken the matte lip straight off the number 1 spot this summer. You can either do a simple ‘gloss on the lip’ look or a colour stained version for the moments where your MASK is not needed. Both work for us!

**Please remember wherever you are to wear a mask as and when required.


Dewy skin

Dewy skin is a MUST during the summer time. Although, the hot and sweaty weather doesn’t give us much of a choice, now does it? Dewy skin makes your skin appear refreshing and healthy, the kind of glow that’ll have people requesting your skincare routine.


CBD infused products

This has been quite the trend in so many various products, from balms and ointments to even skincare! It helps you feel relaxed and that’s exactly what’s needed after all the 2020 fatigue! Click here to read up all about CBD.

Neon make-up

We cannot get enough of neon and who doesn’t love a good bold neon look?? Whether it’s a glossy eye or right at the corners or on your lips, neon is one trend that has made make-up a whole lot more interesting!



SPF has always been a necessity and it always will be! Protecting your skin from the sun’s harshness is always going to be the ultimate priority. So before you even think of applying make-up, don’t forget your BFF!


Let us know which summer beauty trends you are loving right now

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