Roman Handt


Roman Handt describes himself as a “fashion scientist”, “textile artisan” and an “uneducationalist”. I like to think of him as a fashion disrupter, someone that’s pushing and bending boundaries to create a new reality.

In this collection I question gendered social constructs by drawing attention to accepted gender ideals through concepts such as exaggeration, parody, paradox and contradiction. In so doing I reveal alternative possibilities to dominant assumptions that restrict and control. I aim to undo, uncover and dispossess the prescriptions that are dictated by conventional habits and society. I communicate an openness to alternate gender possibilities normally withheld or impossible. I encourage liberating oneself from rigid prescriptions by being honest and accepting of others and one’s own differences. It speaks of an individual that is confident, cuts through pretense and is emotionally evolved to operate with integrity.

Videographer: Chris Bezuidenhout

Stylist: Chanellé Vlok

Make-up & Hair: Tiffany Wilson

Garment Scientist: Roman Handt

Models: Armand Dicker & Kyra-Moon Halfpenny


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