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Half way through the year! Happy Sunday everyone!

Today’s list of Sunday fashion reads give food for thought about what’s been spun off as ‘luxury’ to the fashion masses, some frivolous and drool worthy fashion news along with another intriguing POV that has me hovering over an ‘existential’ Fashion’ question in so far as it concerns the world we live in now… plus more below.

1.”Of Course, what they are selling is not luxury, but luxury dust sprinkled on top of mediocrity; but the point is that to many people it doesn’t feel like it.” Find the story here

2. I can’t believe she’s 50! and seriously fabulous ICYMI: click here

3. Is this taking it too far or the reality check fashion needs? “Fashion week should be a declaration of emergency NOT a celebration”! Find out more here

4. African Design at Bloomingdales pop up . Check it out here.

5. The diversity furore in Brazil’s fashion industry that led to the resignation of Vogue Brasils fashion director… #morefoodforthought click here

What’s your favourite pick? Leave a comment below.

May your week ahead be equally glorious, magnificent, challenging and progressive!


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