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Publisher of SA Fashion Handbook speaks on 2020, future plans and more.


It’s been a rocketing start to the year and if January is anything to go by its no doubt going to be a(nother) year that will bring in the unexpected, along with transformation and big change.

Are you ready? Will we ever be? 

For the most part, I’m not sure. What’s probably going to work best at this stage is a day to day approach, taking it one step at a time. (At least that’s my plan.)

But what I do know (for sure) is that at SA Fashion Handbook we are ringing in a few changes ourselves. 

I’d like to highlight a few. 

New News

The biggest transformation is a bigger focus right here on our digital platform. We will be communicating more regularly with content that aims to inspire, inform and influence. Meaning, we will be available and in touch much more, engaging on relevant topics that always fall within the context of the current zeitgeist, fashion or otherwise.

Our approach is in no way a ‘fast fashion’ bombardment of content but rather more like a ‘slow fashion’ approach to insightful, meaningful, helpful, informative posts on the regular. 

Additionally, the bi-annual print edition in its current format will no longer be published. And it will not be available at SA Fashion week any longer. What we are doing is putting the print version up for review in terms of format and distribution model and when we ready with a way forward, announcements will be made.

We are very excited about the organic growth of our social media community and will continue to focus on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Join us. Contact us. We are all about cultivating empowerment, support, progress and togetherness in our communities. 

Look out for lots of new initiatives this year such as our newly launched ‘Insta-Interview series’. In this first series, we bring you personal insights, lessons and ambitions from a talented set of founders and makers of some of South Africa’s most exciting fashion brands and products.

If anything, it’s going to be an adventurous year ahead and I’d like to sincerely thank you for your support and taking the time to read this note.

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Finally, I’d like to wish you all the success and more in the year ahead! 

Cheers to Change. 


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