Own your crown with creative hair artist, Nikiwe Dlova.


Nikiwe Dlova is a 32 year old creative artist from the heart of South Africa, Soweto, who loves expressing herself through hair, fashion, music and art. Her creations continue to break boundaries and therefore, make her stand out from other hairstylists. Here are some quick facts about the groundbreaking artist.

Her journey with hair…

It started in High school, I used to plait creative cornrows and play with colour, at that time I had relaxed hair then when I turned 25 that’s when I started exploring more when it came to creative hairstyles.

Being a creative hair artist…

It means being innovative when it comes to hair, even going beyond doing hairstyles on people to creating hair art that will live in spaces such as galleries and in people’s homes.

Where she gets her inspirations from when creating hairstyles, headpieces and braided hats…

I get inspiration from the internet, to what I see in my environment, fashion, sometimes the idea just comes as soon as I start the creative process.

The connection between hair and fashion…

They go hand in hand and influence each other, how your hair looks influences your fashion and vice versa. Hair is an accessory when it comes to fashion, it completes the look.

Are women becoming more comfortable with their natural hair?

Yes, finally! But some are struggling with how to take care and style their natural hair.

Own your crown…

ownURcrown started as a hair blog in 2015 that was all about celebrating creative hairstyles and telling stories of people who are bold to be themselves through their hair. In 2018 the brand expanded to pop up salons that are created to do quick, creative hairstyles at events because people were not finding hairstylists who knew how to do creative hairstyles so the brand was making the service accessible to people. I also create headpieces as accessories for editorials, music videos, weddings to say the least making it easy for people to switch their looks easy, and the brand also does installations and hair art exhibitions.

Some of the mistakes we are doing with our hair?

Not being patient enough to educate ourselves about our hair textures etc. We compare our hair a lot to other people’s hair.

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By: Olwethu Ngodela

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