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Terms like shopping and dressing up are synonymous to women. However, modern men are starting to embrace their fashion selves and probably need some help as menswear is on the rise!

The way one dresses and puts together an outfits speaks volume about who you are. Woman have been  practicing the art of style and dressing for a while, from the outfit to accessories and hair & makeup, and  they have it nailed, and all of this is done through experimenting and consulting and not being shy to make a mistake. Hey, it’s just clothes after all, so men need to try out some new stuff!

The first step is finding your style, and being comfortable with what you want to rock. Fellas! There’s nothing wrong copying somebody’s style, until you find your own. Be inspired by that look and or that person’s style and personality. You can then start playing around with what you have and maybe start adding a bit of flavour to the look to keep it dynamic and evolving. Don’t be shy to ask for help, or if that’s a bit of a mission consult the web…trust me, you will get more than what you bargained for. Even though most of the time its pictures, there’s social networks where you can interact and discuss.

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When you start experimenting you’ll come across new things that are trendy so  play around and see what works with what. Now before we get into details fellas, know that style has no rules so stay true to your personality. If you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, it’ll show in your style through confidence.

In this chapter we’re going to focus on something that has just been recently added to the male wardrobe: accessories.

Over Accessorizing

Let’s  first look at the accessories that we possess…it’s not a lot but these few items make a statement. We‘ve got the traditional tie,tie clip, pocket square and watch. These are the most known and noticeable accessories. Now with style evolving there’s more accessories that men can introduce  to their look. Items like a lapel pin, bracelet, necklace and the newly revived trend of hats. All of these items add to one’s look. but how they’ve been put together on an outfit can make or break the overall look. Remember again, there are no rules except one: the outfit should be the lead singer and the accessories should be the backup . As soon as you over-accessorize, there will be too many chiefs and no Indians. And as a result the attention will shift from the main outfit to all these small pieces.

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Now play around with them and keep them in harmony and complementing each other. Let’s start with the full suit, there are factors that need to be considered when adding on accessories such as the colour, texture and type of a suit. Keep it minimal! When rocking a full suit have at least have two or three items, for example a tie, clip, and a pocket square. Play around and substitute a tie with a cravat, in that way you eliminate the use of a tie clip which gives you room to add something else. You can then add a lapel pin and throw away the pocket square, this will show a put together look but without seeming as though you’re trying too hard. And if you’re not going to use a tie then you can use both the pocket square and the lapel pin. Accessories like a watch are a must have for every outfit, but then don’t add bracelets on the same arm, it lessens the character and impact of the watch.

The time is now. Don’t be shy to dress-up and play around with clothes, there are no rules so play around. And remember: Don’t dress to impress but dress to impact! *wink*wink*

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