Melville on the rise


With its reputation dating back to the 1900s, Melville is known to be a melting pot of food, people and art. Here is a list of our new hotspots from one of our favourite neighbourhoods

The great eastern food bar- 9th street

With a gorgeous view of the Melville Koppie, The Great Eastern Bar is a fave!

Here’s why: Their eclectic mix of freshly made Asian inspired dishes will have you coming back for more..and more again! It is located in a historic building of independent stores and we love how they incorporate the bohemian atmosphere that Melville, as a neighbourhood, has to offer.

What to expect: A creative menu that takes you on a tour around different regions of Asia.

Our best dish: GE’S TSO’S Cauliflower– Cauliflower Nuggets dressed in GE’s TSO’s Sauce

Mootee Bar

Mootee Bar, the new kid on 4th avenue, is an authentic and eccentric interpretation of “modern Africa” and all that it has to offer.

What it’s known for: Mootee Bar is known for its imaginative take on the mixology of African flavours and celebration of various African cultures. Its aesthetics will give you an African experience through their inventive interpretation.

Inspired by: Africa is the root of mankind and thus of its creativity. Rooted in tradition and bombarded by international influence using traditional ritual and modern technique. With its Menu taking 8 years to develop.


Whippet is everyone’s coffee destination and with its first harvest store opening soon in the heart of Jo’burg, Melvile, you can enjoy delicious homemade dishes and speciality teas and coffees.

What to expect: It is the ideal place for the hipster, entrepreneur or content creator to get some work done or have a meeting. Their flavours and concepts are inspired by the people of Johannesburg so we have a very strong feeling that Whippet will fit in just right in Melville.


If you’re up for fine dining and eating at a restaurant that has a homely feel, then we would recommend NCW restaurant on Main Road in Melville.

Their menu: Their ingredients are fresh from the owner’s farm so you can expect the best quality food on the block.

Background: With the owner being an experienced chef who has worked at award winning restaurants in Krugerdorp and Stellenbosch, you’re in for an incredible cuisine experience. It is a multi use space so if you are a jack of all trades, NCW has got you covered.

Six Cocktail Bar 

Recently renovated Six cocktail bar, located in the heart of Melville on 7th street, is one of Jo’burg’s hottest hang out spots right now.

What it’s popular for: Known for its speciality cocktails and delicious nachos, this cocktail bar is rising to the top. Their kitchen closes at midnight so you have all the time to balance your alcohol intake with a variety of options for food. They play very commercial music so you can only imagine the vibe on a Saturday Night! For the hard working individual, particularly from the fashion world, this is the place to be to take a break from this fast paced industry.

With so much diversity in Melville, there’s a place for everyone to enjoy themselves and experience the stylish neighbourhood the way they want to. Head over to Melville and let us know which one of these restaurants are your favourite!

Written by: Olwethu Ngodela

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