Make the most of Easter during lockdown


The Easter holidays have taken a left turn this year due to the effects of COVID-19 which has basically put the entire world on notice.

This means no socializing and meeting up with your loved ones to celebrate, no extended family gatherings and sadly no traditional Easter festivities in the neighbourhood.

But this doesn’t mean we can’t make the most out of our situation and change our reality. As Oprah Winfrey says, “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

You can still enjoy these “holidays” while on lockdown by being creative with how you celebrate them.

Here are some ideas on how you can make the most out of your Easter Weekend:

A sustainable & fashionable adult Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunts don’t always have to be for the youngest members of the family, as an adult you can enjoy it just as much, but with a twist!

Hide fashion and beauty items that your housemates actually want to uncover. This can range from those beauty products & clothing items they’ve been eyeing for a while (think perfume, jewellery, lipsticks, and a pair of sunnies)

Good food, good mood

Easter Sunday has always been known for cooking up a feast. Whether you’re alone or with company, making the kitchen your best friend for that day will help you forget that you’re on lockdown. So here’s what we thinking.

Try out something from our suggested ‘Ultimate Easter Sunday lunch’ menu list:

Homemade focaccia Bread

Spiced chickpea patties with mint yoghurt sauce

Crispy pork belly with asian sauce

Slow Roasted herb lamb chops

Fresh Coleslaw salad with apple and fennel

Garlic Roast potatoes

Chocolate brownies with Ice cream

Peppermint crisp tart

Tangerine and Rosemary non Alcoholic cocktail

“If you didn’t take a picture, did it really happen?”

If you’re a creative or you simply just love taking snaps and creating beauty and fashion looks, dress up like you’re going out and take an Easter look book photo series for your feed or blog. Tapping into your creativity during this lockdown will strengthen your capabilities for any other situation.

Be forever grateful and forever thankful

Despite the unprecedented circumstances that we’re finding ourselves in, there is a lot that we should be grateful for and acknowledging that can do wonders for your self-care and mental health. Write down a list of 5 things that you’re grateful for. Here’s what our list looks like.

  1. Today, I am grateful for peace and health.
  2. I am grateful for the presence (virtual or otherwise) of family and friends, near or far.
  3. Grateful for nature: the blue skies, the sun, clean air, birds singing, stepping bare foot onto the grass, the rain.

Giving back

If anything, Easter is all about giving back and helping those in need. If you’re going to be cooking up a feast for Easter Sunday and you have to mission out to get essential groceries at your local store, giving back to those you may encounter on the way, such as the car guards at the local shopping centre can help make a difference, more than you can imagine.

Playing games

Fun and interactive games have always been the one key that keeps families and friends close and is the one thing that the lockdown can’t take away. Play your favourite board games with family or try out one of our fun Instagram story templates.

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Written by: Olwethu Ngodela

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