Top ‘Go To’ Made In Africa Luxuries

AM Lodge Limpopo

Inspired by beautiful things and magical places, my first go to luxury brands and pieces are those ‘Made in Africa’.

What a joy it is to marvel at an Art piece that moves your soul or to lay your hands on a beautifully handcrafted design of the highest quality that showcases creativity, celebrates history and heritage of a people and a place.

I am in awe of the journey that each Artist and Designer takes us on with their creations . Every luxury experience leaves an indelible place in my memory bank.

Here is a list of my latest obsessions and must-haves:

  1. Designer Fragrance for the home – Interior Designer Donald Nxumalo scents and candles from the Sunrise in Lamu and Sunset in Lamu range… these transport me to the island of Lamu, on the coast of Kenya. While still planning to go, the scents have brought the spirit of Lamu into my home.
  2. A luxury weekend away at AM Lodge in Limpopo … that combination of luxury, spa and the bush is a spectacularly opulent experience worth savouring.
  3. Silk Pyjamas with your name embroidered on them from Top Drawer…I LOVE my PJ’s and the service is exquisite. I recently left my pyjama pants at my hotel while on holiday in Amsterdam and the lovely team at Top Drawer sent me another one with the most beautifully kind message.
  4. Imprint – Interesting prints and cuts makes this brand a must-have. I wore Imprint to the Dior Exhibition at the V&A in London and it was a hit in an effortlessly cool way.
  5. Vanleles “Enchanted Garden” diamond setVania Leles makes exquisite fine jewellery of the highest quality and deeply rooted in Africa
  6. A Nelson Makamo painting – (with the flowers) This girl brings joy to my heart, would love this piece if still available. Nelson’s star is shining bright yet he remains true to the stroke of his brush.
  7. La Galop timepiece – a collaboration between Hermes and Ini Achibong whose light sculptures are a marvel
  8. Artworks by Alexis Perskine, Moon, Gold, Nails…I fell in love with this piece at this year’s Cape Town Art Fair
  9. ArtyCapucine … Artist Nicholas Hlobo used the LV bag as a canvass in the groundbreaking collaboration with Louis Vuitton as part of the collection which includes other incredible artists

Lastly, this is a must visit as soon as Winter is done with Cape Town!

Time out at the newly opened boutique hotel, Arambrook nestled on the slopes of Table Mountain with personalised service that includes a Spa that comes to your room. 

Life is to be lived and enjoyed, so whatever is luxury to you and brings you the most pleasure, go ahead and indulge. 

Annicia Maanyapelo is the founder of @NichLuxe which focusses on the business of luxury in Africa with special interests in Art, Design and Travel.

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