Last Word – 5 Trends That Need to die now


Tired of looking like the crowd? You don’t have to.

I am so tired girls! I am tired of how you take your beautiful selves; your personality, passion, attitude, sass and package it all in the same way! A quick glimpse around and you will see what I mean. Trends have overtaken our logical thinking. Fashion is supposed to be an extension of one’s personality thus it seems to me we all have the same personality? One of the many beauties of being female is the vast choices we have in both local and international fashion, so why on earth are we wearing the same thing?  I’ve made a list of the five trends which need to die NOW to give you some inspiration on how to change things up and stand out in a crowd.

The Choker

Firstly it’s unflattering AF, secondly EVERY SINGLE GIRL wears one and thirdly it has become the staple accessory for the ‘Basic Bitch’ a term that also needs to die this year ( however I’ve used it obsessively in this article). There is always a moment for a good choker in life (the bedroom) but in fashion this trend has overplayed itself in every which way possible. Let’s swap a choker for some jaw dropping earrings or necklaces that perfectly shape your décolletage.

The Pussy-Pelmet Shorts

This is a tough one as I’ve fallen victim to this trend too. The denim shorts ( which are more like denim thongs these days) are everywhere and are on everyone. I am a little more accepting of them when you look like Gisele Bundchen and flaunting your sexy self on the beach, but when it comes to parties, festivals and the streets of Jozi? Lets shake this trend away.

Bralette’s as tops

WTF has happened to our class as a society? It is so easy to be sexy (and sex away) but do we need to slap our sex in everyones face? I am all about showing off the female form in the best ways possible, but this is just unflattering (and rather crude) especially when worn to a smart dinner party. My favourite part of my body is my décolletage, yet I don’t wear lingerie as clothing as there are so many more fashionable and creative ways
to show it off . So ladies lets be chic about it.


White girls, I am not even going to get into the whole  appropriation of culture debate when it comes to you wearing your hair in braids. I’ll just start with this, WE CAN SEE YOUR RED SCALP and we don’t want to. Like the choker, this look has become the epitome of the ‘Basic Bitch’. Ladies of all colours, shapes and sizes lets be a little more accepting and embrace
our natural hair in all its wondrous glory.

Festival Fashion

Flower crowns, braids, bralette’s, face jewellery, crochet bikini’s and the too-short shorts. It seems as if Coachella spread like the black plague and all the young girls fell victim to it. Once again America has indoctrinated our sense of original style and served us a platter of pseudo-hippy Bullshit. I know the new festival-style-parties aren’t going to die out anytime soon, but these bad trends can. I want you to realise the beauty and the power of standing out in a crowd. You are a brand… be abnormal.

Ricci-Lee Kalish, is the face behind Big Bad Wolf. She is passionate about all things South African. The 25-year-old actress and fashion blogger is all about empowering the local world of fashion and is adamant about getting rid of South Africa’s ‘inferiority complex’.

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