Khayelitsha Brand Imprint Makes Its Mark


Alinafe, Imprint’s AW15 Men’s collection, is based on a Chichewa word that means “He is with us/God is with us.” The collection, dedicated to Creative Director, Mzukisi Mbane’s late brother, tells a story of light in darkness; of faith where there is no hope.

Imprint will be making its debut at SA Menswear Week 2015 on Saturday, 7 February 2015. The label was hand-picked by the organisers as part of the static fashion presentation kicking off on the last day of this auspicious event – a first of its kind in South Africa (and Africa). The collection, Alinafe, will be Imprint’s first full ready-to-wear collection, and comes with a twist.

“This body of work was inspired by the streets; by the unheard voices and the unseen faces,” says Imprint Creative Director, Mzukisi Mbane. “I wanted to find fabrics, textures, colours and prints that could deliver an impression on behalf of those people, who much like myself, work hard to express themselves and leave a mark.”

The young brand will also be taking hints from past capsule collections, to bring together an aesthetic unique to the brand. Imprint will be sharing the presentation stage with established designers such as, Kim Gush and Mille Collines.

Mzukisi Mbane was born and raised in Khayelitsha Township on the outskirts of Cape Town. He is a passionate entrepreneur, self-taught fashion designer and brand ambassador. Mzukisi’s design influences are somewhat fluid in their individualism. Some of his favourite muses, from which he draws inspiration are Sophiatown and the band Mafikizolo. Mbane also draws from his Africanism – the use of select traditional prints and motifs. Music is also a large influence in his work. He cites Kanye West as a style influence; translating the sleek and chic style of West’s into his work, pulling out specific elements to create a look that forms the urban Imprint brand.

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