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Get to know our New Fashion contributor from New York City

Mietta Singleton, of styling blog StylingNthangs was born and raised in the Harlem section of New York City, and as such fashion has always been a part of her DNA due to the heavy urban, streetwear culture of the neighborhood.
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Shortly after graduating from Lincoln University with a degree in Business Management, Mietta  enrolled at Parsons, The New School of Design, where she completed a Fashion Marketing Associates degree. And in February 2019, whilst working across different sectors of the Fashion industry in styling, PR and luxury retail, decided to create a style blog called “StylingNthangs” to share her fashion interests, shopping addiction and style tips with the world.
Currently based in NYC, we caught up with Mietta for a Q&A. 

Who are your current fashion influences?

“I always pay attention to what the current fashion trends are and choose which trends I like best and can incorporate into my daily wardrobe now and once the trend has died down. Social media ads and fashion influencers also influence my fashion as well. Sometimes I see an ad or influencer wearing something and I’m like.. ‘ohhh, I like that or I have that in my closet….let me see if I can find it’.

I also pay close attention to brands and the social & ethical responsibility of the brand; it’s important for me to know the brands I support have great values. Is your team diverse, what are you doing to help save the planet ? etc. These questions influence what brands I spend my money with.”

What influences your daily dress sense? And how would you describe your style?

My mood determines what I wear on a daily basis. Some days I feel like wearing a dress and knee high boots and other days I feel like wearing a suit, paired with sneakers. It really just depends on how I feel and what I’m doing for the day. However, my go to everyday style is comfortable chic. I’m a denim girl, I love the versatility of denim. You can dress denim up or down; with sneakers, boots, or high heels. I also wear a lot of neutral colors, especially black. I’ve been told wearing all black is a NYC thing lol.

What were you wearing during lockdown? And did you struggle with how to dress or what to wear during lockdown?

For the first three months of lockdown I wore oversized t-shirts and leggings or sweatpants and loved it. I didn’t have to go out much, but if I did go to the grocery store, etc. I would wear jeans, sneakers, basic crew neck tops and a blazer or denim jacket. Once June hit, I started to dress up even if I didn’t have anywhere to go. I didn’t struggle with what to wear, but eventually I realized getting dressed even if I didn’t have anywhere to go did make me feel good. After a few months of the lockdown, I started feeling down and little lifestyle changes like dressing up again helped me lift my spirits.

Which one are you ?


A big yes for Tea, coffee doesn’t work for me.

Red lipstick or nude ?

Nude lipstick. It ‘s perfect for the daytime (for work) or nighttime. I just add my favorite lip gloss, the Fenty Beauty rose nude gloss bomb over my nude lipstick to give my lips an extra pop.

High heels or sneakers ?

Sneakers…in my 20’s it was all about high heels lol…Now in my early 30’s it’s all about comfort.

Netflix & chill or rooftop cocktail hour ?

Both. Rooftop cocktail hour during the spring & summer seasons. Netflix & chill once the fall & winter season arrives.

Two must have fashion items for the closet are…

A black blazer and a pair of black high heels!


Check out Mietta’s first contribution and  review of the Christopher John Rogers Spring/Summer 2020 collection. 


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