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The Art of Collaboration

Annicia Manyaapelo , founder of NichLuxe -a business that focusses on Luxury in Africa with special interests in Art, Design and Travel sits down with award winning South African artist, Nandipha Mntambo who has become famous for her sculptures, videos and photographs.

Our last conversation several years ago centered on her work and mastery of cowhide as a medium of choice. But this time it’s a little different.

How did the collaboration with Tammy Frazer come about?

NM: I met Tammy ( (Founder of Frazer Parfum) when she did the skin portraits work which involved working with a select group of well-known personalities to create unique personalised scents.

She was interested in what I smelt like after my work in studio and as you can imagine, it’s a mixture of cowhide, cow dung not very flattering.

So exploring more about me meant a road trip to my hometown Swaziland with the aim of capturing some of the nostalgia from my childhood.

Honing in on a more universal concept of nostalgia I spent time in her lab choosing scents… and I shocked her by my choices. A combination of Hay, Opoponax and Orange Blossom including leather. Scents that don’t naturally go together.

It seems like your collaboration was an incredible meeting of minds which has produced something worthy of a discerning collector of scents and art.The finished product includes a one of a kind, very opulent scent called ‘Dissonance’ packaged in unique hand blown glass and one of your printed works.

NM: Choosing the right people to collaborate with is important.For this project we got to work with David Green, the glassblower who created each bottle, and Gary Cottrell did the amazing packaging. So, it was exciting working with specialists in their own fields.

Now that it’s done, how do you feel and who do you think it appeals to?

NM: It would appeal to a collector of my work and Tammy Frazers bespoke perfumes. In reality it is a scent that I believe works for a space more than for personal use. I think of it as a unisex ‘room’ scent meant for a shared universal space.

With only 20 bottles of perfume made, ’Dissonance’ is priced at R47,000.

More about  Nandipha Mntambo….Standard Bank Young Artist Award winner and solo exhibitionist at prestigious museums such as Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, Stevenson Gallery and Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm Mntambo she is renowned for her work in print, bronze sculpture and most prominently creating work in cowhide.

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