Imprint ZA to leave another mark at SA Menswear Week


On Friday, 3 July 2015, Imprint will showcase its second ready-to-wear menswear collection during the follow-up instalment of South African Menswear Week (SAMW) after its inaugural launch in February earlier this year. The three days of SAMW in July will be a melting pot of fashion appreciating public and style critiquing media, all present to witness the spring summer 2016 collections.

Imprint ZA’s SS16 ready-to-wear menswear collection is titled, ‘Our Roots’: A tribute to the Mother who birthed us all, giving movement to the expression of love, happiness, beauty and more. Our Roots also collates nuances from the township, where an electrifying energy is constantly present, still or in motion. The collection combines these two aesthetics to communicate a simple gratefulness and love of heritage and the power ones story has to encourage success and drive.


“We exist because a woman once gave birth to us,” coos Mzukisi Mbane, Imprint’s Founder and Creative Director. “That singularity is our strongest and truest root in life. From there, where we grew up, who we meet and what we then become all culminate into a series of individual roots that fundament the stem that is then understood as our life – giving us an opportunity to create an impression and leave a mark.”


The SS16 collection by Imprint will incorporate some unisex pieces, keeping in line with the gender-bender trend currently coming into season. The collection is also cited to excite audiences with some swimwear pieces. Imprint will be sharing the presentation stage with emerging designer and ELLE Rising Star 2013 finalist, Julia M’Poko of the brand, Mo’ko Elosa. Imprint, in true proudly South African form, will be sharing the show time with Sticky Hidge-Podge Accessories for bracelets and neckpieces during the show.


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