How to stay productive during lockdown


Johannesburg, South Africa.

The #21daylockdown currently in place to combat #COVID_19 in South Africa means being at home for 24 hours a day for 3 straight weeks (possibly longer).

Now, before you start freaking out here are some easy tips and tricks to help keep you moving in a positive direction for however long the lockdown lasts …because we all know how quick the ‘evil spirit’ of unproductiveness and boredom or even laziness can sneak into our space.

Set an alarm

Whether is 6am or 9am, it’s important to set an alarm every day so you can start your day on the right side of productive, especially for those who are still working from home and need to meet deadlines.

Stay super duper clean

Take a shower and get out of your PJ’s. Getting out of your home clothes can make a huge impact on your productivity. If you’re in your PJ’s, you’ll most likely just want to Netflix and chill all day when you have things to do.

Fuel yourself

First things first. Get some energy with a light, healthy breakfast to keep you going for the morning. When you start right, it’s easier to stay on track the rest of the day and avoid the binge-eating trap.

Feed your mind & soul

If you’re lucky enough to have a yard, go outside and get some fresh air while watching an inspirational TedxTalk or listening to an informative podcast or perhaps taking it back to old school by reading a chapter from a book outside for 30 minutes. If you don’t have a yard, then sit by your window.

Get some work done

Establish boundaries and set up a working station if you happen to be working and/or studying from home. For those who don’t have much to do, use this time to do free online courses to gain some skills.

Here is a list of a few websites that offer a variety of free online courses: 

Free digital skills

Learn for free

Free EDX courses

E-learning at Educonnect

Take breaks

While it’s important to stay productive, it’s equally as important to take breaks and just relax. Too much of the one thing is not good so you need to find a balance. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t done anything for the day, sometimes doing nothing is enough.

Do a little exercise with the help of internet trainers

Gyms are closed but it doesn’t mean you should stop exercising. There are so many apps and fitness bunnies online that can help us keep fit at home. Blogilates provides fitness challenges, workout videos, healthy food recipes and fitness planner printables.

Listen to your favourite playlists

Having the best background music while you’re working, cleaning or simply just chilling can subconsciously make you turn your home and/or mood downside up!

Remember to stay safe by staying at home and keep practising personal hygiene at all times.

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Written by: Olwethu Ngodela

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