Honour your crown with Acalaca


In our #Aprilissue edition, we speak to Akona Carol Lali, owner of natural hair studio, Honour your Crown with Acalaca, part time model and natural hair enthusiast. She shares her views on natural hair and her approach to life.

Her studio space is…

Where Akona is passing down tradition that stems from the core foundation of black culture. It is a space to talk about anything that affects us as women, that grow and heal us through self-love, connections and also working with women who are like minded.

Her mantra is…

To approach life in a holistic way.

“I am a Queen and my hair is my glory, I take so much pride in embracing it. My hair sits right at the top of my head and houses my brain, which is the engine of my body.”

Social Media is important..

For us people of colour to redefine the image that has been portrayed about our hair, as well as to show how beautiful and versatile it is

Her message is..

That women need to stop comparing their hair to other people, especially when it comes to growth and maintenance.

Her core objectives are

To demystify issues around black hair topics such as the struggles around growing ethnic hair, and the notion that maintaining ones hair is greatly expensive. To share information freely, to be inclusive and see all as one, Ubuntu.

Akona has created a blog with tutorials on how to take care of one’s natural hair, passing down her own tips, tricks and hacks.




Written by: Sithasolwazi kentane


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