Helpful hints to stay healthy

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Helpful hints to stay healthy in the time of #Corona and beyond

As we (try) settle in to a new reality, and take responsible action toward fighting #COVID-19 for ourselves, families, friends and communities, here are a few suggestions to help or guide you along the way to finding perfect balance and perfect health.

First up-

A round up of talks that offer simple ways to stay healthy and emphasise the importance of self-care. Of particular interest is the topics of “Own your Body’s Data” and “In Praise of slowness”. When you have 10 -20 mins take a look here .


As an intro to meditation and help get you started try “Smiling Mind”

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How you can up your salad game. 5 recipes we hope you try out.

Heart-Healthy Beet Mushroom and Avocado

Clear out the fridge salad

Warm chickpea salad (but I would replace the sun-dried tomatoes with fresh or fried chopped tomatoes)

Classic Panzanella Tuscan style

Dairy free lentil salad

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