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Couturier– A fashion designer who manufactures and sells clothes that have been tailored to a client’s specific requirements and measurements.


Haute Couture– High end fashion that is constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high quality, expensive often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail.


Applique-A decorative design made of one piece of fabric sewn on top of another.


Filigree– ornamental work of fine wire, usually in silver or gold, with the addition of tiny beads.


TrompeL’Oeil-An artistic technique where realistic imagery is used to appear three dimensional


Avant-garde-An intellectual,artistic and cultural movement characterized by the experimental, the radical and the unorthodox approaches derived from French and meaning vanguard.


Batik-A hand technique for decorating textiles in which parts of the fabric are covered with wax.


Plisse– (of fabric )treated to give a permanent puckered or crinkled effect.


Aso Oke– Intricately woven fabric by the Yoruba people of West Africa, used for ceremonial garments. In direct translation, it means “top cloth” denoting cloth of high status.


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