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Here’s how you can make your Fashion Designer dreams come true

Two different projects offering career-changing opportunities for emerging and young designers from around the globe have been launched by Vogue Talents and partners.

Plus, a mini conversation with Sara Maino, head of Vogue Talents and Deputy Editor in Chief Vogue Italia. 

Photo: Alessandro Levati / SGPItalia / Courtesy of ES_PR

Sara Maino shares advice & insight on fashion and scouting

1. When scouting for talent , what are the few things that always seem to catch your eye or impress you?

Today it’s very important that a designer has its own vision and message. What impresses me is the story of the designer , his/her background and the reasons that brought her/him to begin their brand.

2. Vogue talents, now 10 years old, is probably one of the biggest global talent scouting projects for young and emerging designers in fashion.  What’s the reason behind the project and why is it so important ?

The reason Franca Sozzani and myself created Vogue Talents was to support the new generation. Many years ago, someone opened the door for me and allowed me to have an opportunity and that was Franca. During my career, I always thought but who will open the doors to the new generation?  And that is why Vogue Talents exists. No boundaries, open to everyone.

3. We have entered a new decade, a new era where conscious and sustainable living must be taken seriously. What (few) words of advice can you share with young designers in this regard?

We need to be aware and think in a responsible way. The new generation is our future and we need to support them and think that a responsible way of living is the only solution. This way of thinking is for everyone.

4. You have a track record of supporting talent from Africa and are very passionate about the continent, and recently Vogue Talents launched a new scouting for Africa platform. What will you be looking for?

Africa is a great continent and there is so much talent and in the last 5yrs it has been proved. We believe that there are still beautiful realities and brands that need to have the opportunity to be seen. When we launch a scouting project, we ask for full support from everybody, we need to share and not keep to ourselves.

5. If you had one wish for the future of fashion what would it be? 

Be responsible 

Opportunity Calling

Now , a little more info on each project .

Scouting for Africa

Scouting for Africa, is a new talent scouting contest dedicated to African Fashion designers, as a collaboration between Vogue Talents and African Fashion Foundation.

When: From now to June 30, 2020 

Who can apply: Fashion designers who have a fashion brand and Fashion accessory designers  

Why: Because it is a new global project to offer a more focused and concrete platform for African creatives 

Prize: The winner of this contest will have the opportunity to showcase his/her clothing creations or accessories in a special corner of Palazzo Cusani during Milan Fashion Week in September 2020

Link to application:


Vogue Yoox Challenge

Vogue Yoox Challenge, a contest dedicated to designers and start-ups focused on sustainability, as a collaboration between Vogue Italia and Yoox.

When: From now to July 3 the contest is open 

Who can apply: Single/group of designers, start-ups and social enterprises. 

Why: Innovation of materials, innovation of design, innovation in retail and cultural innovation, all related to a responsible and sustainable approach

Prize: A cash prize, a dedicated editorial in Vogue Italia and a 12 months mentoring program from Yoox and Create Sustain

Link to apply: 



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