Game of Thrift


It goes without saying that Vintage is one of the greatest things to ever happen in fashion.

Many love the sentimental idea of wearing clothing items that were once loved by someone else from another era. Thrift shopping allows us connect with a past we might have never known of.

With winter slowly creeping up on us, thrift shopping is great way to get quality for less.


It was a lovely afternoon in the city of gold when we went digging to find the greatest treasure, the best vintage stores around Jo’burg.

We came across one that, in some way, resonates with the theme of the #AprilIssue, Luxury.

Reminiscene was established 33 years ago by Rosemary Roshwaire. The shop has been in Melville for 22 years and counting! She describes her store as one that is filled with love which pays attention to detail. The Ireland native is always on the hunt for the best garments and accessories, searching from people’s wardrobes to trunks. Her favourite period is the 1930s and defines it as “the simplicity in the front but a lot more detail at the back”.

Her tips for a first time vintage shopper:

  1. Make sure you are really want to shop vintage                                                         
  2. Explore and experiment
  3. Be selective with your clothing items, hats, bags and accessories.

Reminiscene is located at 27 Boxes in Melville

We then proceeded to find other vintage stores around the city.

In Craighall, on Jan Smuts avenue, we came across two other vintage stores that we know you will love!


Huntress is a well curated vintage store that stocks new designer clothing, shoes, bags, you name it! These were our top 2 favourite finds from the store:

Patou Boutique

If you’re in love with designer names then Patou boutique was made for you! Located right next to Huntress, it’s a stylish and exclusive used-clothing boutique which ranges from clothes, shoes and bags.

These were our top 2 favourite finds from the store:

“Vintage is clothing with a story and that is full of second chances”. When you go thrift shopping, you are recycling what was once worn by someone else. You are being kind to the earth and looking good while doing it!

Make sure you tag us @safashionhandbook if you find something you love in one of the stores mentioned above.

Written by: Olwethu Ngodela

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