FVH x LM Mohair Knitwear


With winter sneaking up in the Southern Hemisphere, we all need something that will keep us from freezing to death but still look fashionable at the same time. This collaboration by South African designers Frances van Hasselt & Leandi Mulder ensures that we get the best of both with their take on mohair.


An artisanal, locally produced knitwear collection that speaks of the beautiful qualities of mohair, the incredible craftspeople of South Africa and sustainable fashion design through slow and mindful processing.

Leandi’s advocacy and innovation in unique sustainable textile development, paired with Frances’s incredible creativity and affiliation to mohair, led the two in their journey in creating a knitwear collection.

The textures, palette and clean silhouettes of this collection is inspired by the unique energy, landscapes and flora of the Karoo. Each piece is hand-knitted and rich in character and aims to inspire a new reverence around the potential of mohair and redefine the narrative of luxury fashion.





Designers: Frances van Hasselt x Leandi

Mulder Yarn and construction: Adele’s Mohair

Photographer: Jacobus Snyman

Model: Nkosazana Niko

Make-Up: Inga Hewett Shoes: Matsidiso Jewelry: Waif

Hat: Crystal Birch

@leandimulderdesigns @francesv.h_mohair_rugs


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