#FHBTALK on Supporting Local Fashion

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Why support local fashion brands, businesses and creatives ?

Here are a couple of reasons why we think it’s important to support your local fashion brands and designers.

To cultivate a culture of supporting one’s own , to show pride and confidence, and recognition of ourselves through each other.

To build from within a community, a collective,  a tribe that will thrive together.

To begin the process of re-learning how to value who and what we are as people and in so doing VALUE  the creative ingenuity and talent that is on our doorstep.

To challenge a global system that supports and perpetuates racism, exclusivity, negativity and  inferiority towards anything ‘outside’ of it.

There’s no need to guilt-trip on this one, as one should always be free to choose what you like and wear what you like. The joy of fashion exists in the freedom of expression.

But if you think about it , a little bit on conscious awareness and intentional shopping will do no one any harm.

After all,  Fashion is Life.

Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life. Oscar Wilde

I don’t do fashion. I am fashion. Coco Chanel

Fashion is the armour to survive everyday life. Bill Cunningham

Fashion is an instant language. Muiccia Prada.





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