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Here’s a round up of a few things I’m excited about this Summer.   

But first. Who else is thankful that finally, December is here? 

What a year it has been… Tumultuous. Breathtaking. And emotional.  Through it all, the high-highs and low-lows, 2019 has shown us flames. Left us in tatters and lifted us up to unimaginable heights. 

At this point, there’s no point in recounting the wins and losses. Let’s just celebrate the fact that we made it here. As we enter the season of sparkles and bubbles, music and lights, laughter and fun may I wish you and yours a Summer to remember. 

And of course as we close out the decade, may you take the opportunity to unravel, rest and just be.

Because in 2020…. we continue the journey to shifting higher.

Here’s a round up of my summer feels and what’s high up on my holiday list.

My Summer Mantra is simply ‘Thank You’. No matter the situation, I’m wearing gratitude on my sleeve as a constant reminder that living is now, not yesterday or tomorrow. 

Revelling in all that glitters and sparkles 

It’s ‘Rosé everything this summer

Come hell or high water I’m Making Eggnog

I’ve long had a fascination with Eggnog. It’s in no way part of my family tradition, but has for better or worse been a fantastical figment of my imagination. And now is the time to get real. So, all that is left to do is find the perfect recipe. 

Taking (holiday, family, Christmas ) traditions and rituals a little more seriously. This is driven I think mostly by the need to include the ones we lost along the way and I’ve figured it’s the only way I know how to do it. 

Favouriting the mono-wrap from Moraka Interiors because stylish in the kitchen is a thing. Follow on my insta @leannetrcy I’ll be interested to see how you style it when you making the pots…  

On repeat is the SA Fashion handbook Summer Playlist. 

One thing to never forget, I’ll consider it my summer BFF even on a cloudy rainy day is sunblock. 

Serving smiles all summer!

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