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Introducing fashion mentoring sessions

Note from the publisher

Hello Everyone!

I’m really happy to be launching and introducing the first season of FHB Fashion mentoring sessions.  

Here’s how it came about

In the not too distant past and more so recently I’ve had a few fashion related requests-all spontaneous, to mentor and/or assist in some way from a variety of people.

And then I had the idea to provide mentorship sessions in a more formalised and intentional way. Meaning, setting up a dedicated time period where I could offer my best advice, support and guidance (based on my accumulated Business, Fashion and Marketing knowledge, skills and experience) gathered over the last decade and more, from both the corporate boardrooms and entrepreneurial streets.

Here’s how it will work

If you are a young fashion grad or young designer looking to bounce some ideas off someone, or  just need some guidance,

Or if you an emerging fashion designer with a few collections under your belt and wondering what is the next step?

Or a fashion creative like a stylist, photographer, fashion writer that may some questions,

Then the Mentoring Sessions are for you.

DM on social media if you are interested.

(best to follow first if you not already)

5 quick facts:

  1. Each mentorship session is a one on one 30 minute session with the Publisher of Fashion handbook
  2. There are 3 ways to connect: a meet up, a video call or watsapp call. 
  3. There are limited spaces. Selection will be on a first come first serve basis for those residing in South Africa.
  4. A booking schedule will be available to confirm best available and suitable slots
  5. Begins July 10th 2019 until August 28th 2019. 

It’s all about connecting, sharing and learning together! Can’t wait….



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