Do not look under my skirt

Orange Culture_AW19_46

Orange Culture‘s AW19 collection is a combative exploration of the confrontations faced by outcasts. It’s a “mind your business letter” to people who antagonize how people choose to authentically present themselves to the world.

It’s an explosion of colors and jarring graffiti inspired prints displayed tastefully in heavy satins, wools, cottons and shielded in Aso-oke, Suede, Corduroys and Dupion. The prints provoke thought and push you to ask yourself “ why am I looking under anyone’s skirt?”

The collection is really about celebrating self – liberation and expression , which is a path “Adebayo“ says Orange Culture helped him to take. Orange Culture encourages stepping out, whether it’s in the way you dress, speak and live . It’s about being you and telling society to not invade your privacy or question your choices judgmentally.

“The reason we chose the skirt is because a skirt is the most invasive thing to look under and is really a metaphor for how problematic it is when society tries to stigmatize differentiation.”, says CEO of Orange Culture, Abebayo Oke-Lawal.

The Orange Culture warriors are dreamers and they love to live in an alternate liberated Nigeria, where your differences are the highest tools for warfare. A world where individuality and knowledge of self is aspirational and beautifully alien-esque.

The Shapes are inspired by a lot of traditional women’s clothing embellished with cutouts and print details inspired by the secrets we keep to survive in a conservative society.

Credits for the PHOTOGRAPHS

Photographer: Jesse Navarre Vos (@jessenavarrevos)

Stylist: Gavin Mikey Collins (@gavinmikeycollins)

Makeup artist: Michelle-Lee Collins (@magicalmishlee)

Stylist assistant: Mikhailia Petersen (@mikhailiapetersen)

Makeup assistant: Justine Alexander (@justine_nomz)

Models: Collins Blaise Onyejekewe (@_collinsblaise); Chad-Lee can Wyk(@chadlee.vanwyk); Jayjay Seigneur (@Jaybewa__); Richard Sakora Awuni (@iam_sakora); Sami Chukwuebuka (@samikoodunukwe); Samuel Edem (@sirbryanedward)

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