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It’s been a long winter with very little inspiration, hence nothing much to talk about. To tell you the truth, I’ve been so bored with the same old thing that I even avoided Cape Town Fashion Week. By the sounds of it the only buzz that got some attention was about a controversial dress!

So, gossip aside, time to embrace a concept that has brought  integrity, passion and cool back to clothing in an effortless way! If you haven’t already heard about it, tried it on or seen it yet, then I’m thrilled to tell you that Real+Simple is my new favourite denim brand.

Conceptualized and designed by Steve Jossel, known in the retail space as a denim guru, Real+Simple is an edited range of great-fitting selvedge denim (the edge of the denim fabric, normally stitched with coloured thread) made in South Africa and Mauritius. My experience with the brand, from looking at the concept, through to how it is sold at places such as the trendy Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, was that finally taste, style and sensibility equals fashion. And it’s home grown! The quality of denim is amazing , the fit is modern and will hold its place despite the fast-changing face of fashion trends. What inspired me to write about it was hearing Steve talk about his process of creating the brand. Three great gems popped out, that I have to share

1. A clear, edited idea.

2. You have to be organised. At first the chaos is overwhelming, but if you stick to your edited idea you’ll start to see the wood from the trees.

3. The total experience – from fit, to quality, branding and the environment – is key to sealing the deal.

When you buy a Real+Simple pair of jeans you experience the buzz of the Biscuit Mill, the cool pop-up shop, that doubles as a portable wardrobe, stops you in your tracks. Initially you look into the cupboard, wishing you owned every item in it, from the crisp poplin shirts, oversized cushions jeans and my favourite – the table mats. Someone called Brad will help you find your size, and keeps things Real+Simple. The pocket of the denim jeans have a glossary of denim terminology inside. The shopping bags have the brand philosophy printed on the outside. When you explore their website there’s comment on how to care for your denim, information on the fabric information and a list of products.

This brand is a great teacher of how a modern apparel brand should behave. It’s both stylish and made in South Africa. Check out: www.realandsimpledenim.com 

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