Why creating order in your life is an act of self care

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Have you ever been running late for work and about to dash out the door when you realise you can’t find your car keys?

By the time you find them you’re late, flustered and already one  argument down with your partner.

Because who had the car keys last? And why weren’t they put back in their place?

It then sets off a chain reaction of small things going wrong during the day that leaves you feeling drained and annoyed.

You get home in a mood and that is all the excuse you need to open the fridge and feed your frustration with everything that is cheesy, fatty, saucy and just downright unhealthy. It’s easy, convenient and well, comfortable.

Or so you think..

Until the guilt sets in.

2020 has been like a year of us not being able to find our car keys. We’ve been stuck at home and scrambling about feeling restless and unsettled.

As we see the finish line of this year on the horizon, how do we centre ourselves so that we transition into 2021 feeling settled and calm?

One of the ways to do this is to create order in our lives.

Order helps us feel more in control and ultimately a whole lot happier.

The question then is, how do we create this order in our lives?

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Declutter your environment

Having a cluttered, messy and unorganised environment is extremely demotivating and can make it more difficult to relax both physically and mentally. According to Marie Kondo, an organising consultant, “Clutter, at worst can leave people feeling overwhelmed, depressed and anxious.”

Start small with one room at a time and throw out anything that you absolutely do not need, do not wear or do not use.

Give everything a home

For your own sanity, everything should have a place for where it is kept, including your car keys. Sometimes we’re busy and simply don’t have time to do this properly. The solution is to create a “drop zone” in your home.

Find a space, for example the entry foyer at the front door, and place a bench, baskets, or trays there (whatever works best with your interior design style) and as soon as you walk in the door drop your stuff.

When you have time later you can place each item in its specific place. That way you always know where everything is.

Meal prep every Sunday night

Figuring out what to eat everyday can be stressful especially when you’ve had one of those “bad” days and need something quickly.

Planning ahead and prepping meals will save you time and to be honest probably some money. You’ll be less likely to reach for your phone to order some take-out when most of the meal prep has already been done.

You’ll need plenty of tupperware and ziplock bags. Chop your vegetables and portion out, cook large batches of soup and freeze for whenever you need it or make your own Bento boxes for the week.

Budget like crazy

Be not only vigilant but also aware of how much is coming into your account and how much is going out. Keep your receipts and check every item. At the end of the month calculate exactly how much you spend on food, clothes and entertainment for example. Give yourself a budget and stick to it.

If you need some help with money management, check out the Mint budgeting app. It will help you keep track of your spending.

Wherever possible invest or save before you spend. Make your money work for you. Not the other way round.

Surround yourself with things of value

Be intentional about the things you surround yourself with. Know what you have, why you have it and where it belongs. In that way there’s nothing random, no uncertainty and no default choices. This kind of order will enhance your sense of purpose and calm.

When you clean up, declutter and create order, you’ll be surprised by the amount of energy and happiness you gain.

Have you ever cleaned out your fridge and had a thought suddenly pop into your head giving you clarity in your business?

It’s not a coincidence.

The act of clearing out and creating order frees your mind for what you truly value. And knowing what you truly value gives you direction. That direction gives you purpose.

Purpose drives you forward with a calm, centred passion.

It is with this kind of passion that you’ll want to enter 2021.  We have no idea what it will look like but as long as we have order and inner calm, we’ll be in a much better place both mentally and emotionally in which to deal with it.

As always I’m here for you because you are important and so is your self-care.

Wishing you well and wishing you good health.

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