Craig Port In His Own Words


portIn July, Craig Port showed his latest collection, entitled ‘The Great British Summer,’ at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Cape Town. We put some questions to this renowned designer:

What is your personal style?

Bold, appropriate and modern

How much does your personal style influence your designs?

Immensely, it is always the ideal look for oneself or ideal self that one designs for.

As one of the most established designers in South Africa, you’ve managed to overcome tremendous barriers that being a fashion designer in SA present. Was there ever a time when you felt disillusioned enough to give up? What kept you going?

The only time I ever felt like I had had enough was when I was designing for a brand that had such strict boundaries and was also dictating to the market the way men should dress using old-fashioned south African rules and regulations.

Who is your favorite menswear designer?

This season its Ricardo Tisci for GIVENCHY, my all time favourite remains Yves Saint Laurent.

What type of person wears your clothes? Who do you have in mind when designing?

Strong, exciting, informed and with the ability to live life honestly and fully.

Menswear, locally and internationally, has exploded, which is very exciting. Has this allowed you to push the boundaries in terms of design clothes for men?

Absolutely, it is open season. Designers have the freedom to design what they truly love without the old fashioned values. This is such a gift in the creative industry – not to have parameters.

In your opinion, what’s “missing” from SA fashion and design?


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Photographs by: SDR

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