Fashion Podcast

Latest Fashion Lab talk In conversation with Fashion Lab Africa  , publisher of Fashionhandbook SA, Leanne Tlhagoane chats to Liz..

Women’s Day 2020

Written By @leannetrcy, owner/publisher of @safashionhandbook  The future doesn’t change if we don’t. I’d like to acknowledge this Women’s Day..

In Vogue

Commentary by @safashionhandbook Publisher @leannetrcy This tweet triggered me. “Make Vogue Africa a thing already” Took me back 2 years...

Sunday Fashion Read

#publisherspick of Sunday fashion reads Starting in May 2019, the last Sunday of every month is reserved for the #Publisherspick..

Afro Futurism

Mark Dery may have christened the movement in 1994, with his seminal essay Black to the Future, but Afrofuturism had..

The Politics of Fashion

Fashion has always been considered frivolous, unbothered with humanity and its social issues and at times, just simply shallow. As..

Fashion for Feminists

How fashion and dress shape women’s identities. Fashion is viewed by some as retrograde, profligate, superficial, even anti-feminist, while others..


In an industry that is defined by what’s next and what’s new, many of its most prominent figures dress the..

A Taste Of Istanbul

I have spent the last 12 hours wandering around Istanbul looking at curios, crafts and loads of stuff that’s ‘Made..