Caring For Your Fashion Investments


After looking at all the different styles of dressing and the multitude of men’s suits you’ll agree that menswear is slightly more complex than ladies apparel. You’ll also agree that menswear also comes at a costly premium. Let’s take a moment to look at ways that will keep our investments looking new.

Let’s start with the easy and affordable chores that we can do easily ourselves. Often we find that our shoes are the most expensive items in our wardrobe. We also tend to wear them out quicker than the rest of our fashion items.

Rule #1: Don’t wear them for two consecutive days.

No matter how expensive or how exclusive the quality of your shoe, if they get worn over and over, without a rest, they will perish. You don’t need two of the same pair of shoes so that when one wears out you have a back-up – that’s just a waste. Simply have substitutes, something different but relevant. This keeps your look dynamic and revolving.

shoe-styleRule #2: They have the right to shelter and comfort too.

When we buy shoes they usually come in a box, wrapped up with stuffing inside. That’s not for decoration  gentlemen… it’s for care and protection. The stuffing is too keep its shape and the tissue paper wrapping  is for protection from dirt and dust. Try keeping them in their box when not in use.

Rule #3: Shine bright like a diamond.

Regardless of what type of finish you have on your shoe, you still need to keep them clean. Every shoe has its specific shoe care regime depending on its finish: the forever-shining patent leather, suave suede or the new nubuck. They all need tender-loving care. Your basic kit should consist of: a shoe cleaner, shoe polish,  a brush for each colour and a few cloths – all the love they need to stay nourished and moisturized. After wearing, and before you return them to their box, make sure they are in the same state as when you took them out. This way, you’ll avoid having getting dressed, only to find a pair of dirty and dusty shoes in your wardrobe.

Trust me on this: it doesn’t matter what suit or outfit you rock on the day, but an on-point shoe will make everything sparkle.

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