Cape Wools SA strikes up a conversation with SA Designers


In an effort to connect and expose SA designers to the remarkable South African Merino Wool fiber, Cape Wools SA has once again partnered with South African fashion week (SAFW).

Now in its second year, the 2018 Cape Wools SAFW Designer Challenge prize goes to Woman’s wear designers Carina Louw and Natasha Jaume from Erre and Menswear designer Carlo Gibson of Klipa – and each brand has an exclusive opportunity to showcase their upcoming Winter and Summer collections at SA Fashion Week.

“The wool industry has experienced the benefit of hosting this exciting designer challenge and intends to continue its efforts to expose designers to Merino base layer clothing as it is one of the fastest growing segments within the market, says Louis de Beer, CEO of Cape Wools SA.

And this is due to its exceptional benefits such as breathability, comfort, soft to the touch, easy care and antimicrobial properties when worn next to your skin.

“Collaboration with the Wool Industry on this project is important, it stimulates interest and disseminates knowledge which assists in developing a vibrant creative fashion design industry for South Africa,” says Lucilla Booyzen, founder of SAFW.

More about Erre…

The Erre journey started with the desire to develop a brand that caters for women looking for quality wardrobes. Officially launching in Autumn/Winter 2014, at South African Fashion Week, Erre’s vision is to develop a “new kind of power-dressing for a new kind of woman”. The combined skills of Natasha’s in-depth understanding of bridal and eveningwear and Carina’s experience in tailoring and menswear, makes them a formidable design team who consider Princess Charlene of Monaco a client.

More about Klipa…

Carlo Gibson is no stranger to the art of craft making. Klipa focuses on the detailed craftsmanship, young-spirited street style, high-quality urban design and easy-to-wear silhouettes. The name Klipa is derived from the South African slang word, meaning “a hundred” in monetary terms. It speaks true to the fundamental principle the brand prides itself in, which is ‘100% homegrown’. A truly African contemporary clothing brand.

Why you should consider buying wool clothing..

Merino wool base layers are designed to be worn next to your skin. They help regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable throughout the day.The microscopic scales on wool fibres cause water to roll off, making it an effective water-repellent material. Another well-known fact is that wool doesn’t burn, and while not completely fire-proof, it will not sustain a flame or flare up when exposed to fire. As it doesn’t melt, there’s no risk of fabric sticking to the skin either.

Why you should consider designing and making clothes with wool..

Merino wool is the perfect example of brilliant design by nature with its breathable attributes, stylish look, superior drape, long lasting durability, timeless aesthetic appeal and 100% biodegradability. It’s ideal for making a wide range of apparel and is also instrumental in slowing down fast fashion as it breaks down quickly unlike its manmade counterparts. You can’t find a greener material than wool. It’s naturally grown with minimal use of pesticides and doesn’t require chemical processes to manufacture.

Did you know ….

South Africa has a vast rich history of sheep and wool farming going back 220 years. This legacy has created woolgrowers with a keen appreciation of animal and environmental care and the result is an industry that has consistently generated a high quality, environmentally sound product for International markets with more than 90% of the wool exported.


Cape Wools SA believes that South African design talent is world class and contributes significantly to fashion.

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