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#publisherspick of Sunday fashion reads

As it turns out, this last Sunday in May is the first of my #publisherspick for the Sunday Fashion read. It’s a list of fashion reads from around the world that I find either interesting, insightful, unique or all three.

Here goes.

I would be amiss to not start off with what is the biggest global fashion story right now. That story belongs to Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Fenty, her new fashion maison in partnership with @LVMH was launched this past week, with a breaking story on TMagazine (The NYTimes Style magazine). If you’ve only read the headlines, or not a single word yet, here’s a quick recommended read : The top 7 learnings from her exclusive interview in the mag. If you want a hint of the sign of things to come then click here

My favourite profile story in the latest edition of the Fashion Handbook focuses on one of the few remaining persons in South Africa who does button holes by hand! It’s a story that perfectly fits into the theme of Africa-Luxury-Fashion (which the Fashion handbook covers) as it showcases the skill and talent of hand crafting.

And then lastly, a fascinating read on the plus-size menswear market . Part of the reason, actually most of the reason I find this so interesting is that this never crossed my mind before! How about you? In reality , if you think about it, it seems quite obvious that there are different size men, there are bigger men who are stylish, and have a sense of fashion.. but who caters to this need? Find out a bit more here.

Would love your feedback and thoughts on any of the articles or any suggestions for the #publisherspick going forward.

Happy Sunday.


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