Beauty Color swatch

YELLOW 6 copy

Bold unashamed swatches of colour on almost bare skin

A makeup trend representing the young fresh wave of beauty

From colourfully winged eyeliner to heavily pigmented lids its Makeup for the sake of Fun, Fashion and Femininity- all with a capital F.

As someone who is a recovering colour-phobe, I tend to stick with the warmer tones for colour-blocked make-up. Like yellows, oranges,  sandy beige that look phenomenal on pretty much every skin tone.


But don’t let that stop you from playing around with the cool brights like green under-eye liner, or even heavy purple eyelids.

Tip: For lazy makeup wearers like us, who still want to make a statement, just add  a line of yellow on your lids or a bright pink strobe of pink below your brows

So dive into your makeup palettes this summer for the freshest way to incorporate colour into beauty.

This make-up look isn’t about hiding flaws, filtering or creating an illusion of something else- and I am here for it.





















Words: Lamic Kirabo @lamickirabo

Photography: Lamic Kirabo

Location: L’europe, 8th Arrondissement, Paris, France

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