Aldo Chooses Movement for its Latest Campaign


Taking a fresh approach to its global campaign, Aldo taps into the concept of movement through collage, elevating its visual brand identity for fall 2016.

As an international fashion footwear and accessories brand, Aldo has taken a fresh approach to its visual identity through a unique creative direction for its fall 2016 campaign. Exploring the concept of movement, their campaign contextualizes footwear and accessories within fashion, building aspirational looks that allow consumers to get inspired and translate into their own personal style. Their new fall campaign will be seen across all brand touch: advertising, online, mobile, in store and through the #ALDOMOVESME social media program.


Movement, as translated through collage, drives the concept for #ALDOMOVESME fall 2016 campaign. In this bold, fashion-first concept, they sought out top fashion photographer Mikael Jansson and stylist Alex White to bring the campaign to life.

“As a footwear brand, we loved the idea of tapping into the concept of progress and movement”, explains Carl Jesper Versfeld, Creative Director for Aldo’s fall 2016 campaign.

“Utilizing collage, Mikael and the team were able to bring to life this creative approach while revealing an original campaign composition that is unique to Aldo.”

“The concept of movement corresponds directly with the company’s core philosophy: to inspire and move forward”, describes Erwin Hinteregger, Chief Marketing Officer for Aldo Group. “Our job is to delight and move our consumer – we believe the fall campaign will do just that. This new visual look and feel signals our focus on remaining lock-step with our consumers’ needs and desires. When you layer this creative direction with the brand’s innovative digital approach in store and on mobile, we deepen our connection with the consumer.”


The visual update also comes at a time when Aldo is innovating more than ever through leading omnichannel initiatives. The brand is taking a consumer-first approach to its digital connectivity in store and on mobile – with a special focus on content most relevant to customers and enhancing ease of shopping the latest trends.

“It’s important for us at Aldo to keep things personal in our approach to digital innovation – always remaining connected to our consumer,” continues Hinteregger.

Coming this fall, a new Aldo app will provide the consumer with unparalleled autonomy while virtually shopping or within its retail locations – ultimately leading to a more meaningful interaction with the Aldo brand and sales associates.


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