Abigail Keats


Abigail Keats is a high-end designer label that caters to women who infuse style, glamour and sophistication into their professional and social lifestyles. It recognises the dynamic women of today and the spaces in which they move. It emphasises their power, femininity and confidence in the moment and weaves its magic through a golden thread, that is the timeless and innate sensuality of the female form. Classic tailoring and exquisite panel lines project a striking silhouette that is the foundation signature of Abigail Keats. The label offers bespoke couture and limited edition seasonal collections. The creations are of the finest quality and luxuriously personal.

Founder: Abigail Keats | Started: 2008 | Location: Johannesburg | Design Style: Classical sophistication with attention to detail.

Contact: www.abigailkeats.com | info@abigailkeats.com

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