7 Tips to your all-year glow


How to keep your skin hydrated and glowing throughout the different seasons

Skin to me: Take care of me and I will take care of you

Me to skin: (blank face stare)

Skin to me: Here’s how …7 tips. You’re welcome. Yours sincerely, Your Skin

Here is how I manage to keep my skin hydrated and glowing throughout the different seasons.

Compiled by Trend Forecaster, Lerato Nkosi


Tip 1.

Soap is a no go; opt for a foaming cleanser infused with Rooibos tea to sooth the skin and Baobab to help the skin retain elasticity while giving the skin moisture through the cleansing process.


Tip 2.

To get rid of dead skin cells try a gentle exfoliating gel containing Aloe, Rooibos tea and Kola nuts which helps to banish dry patches and uneven tone, promoting healthier and stronger skin.


Tip 3.

Keep the eye area moisturized and protected with a soothing eye gel containing hydrolyzed vegetable protein and amino-acids (Serine and Arginine).


Tip 4.

Soothing the skin after the cleansing process is necessary, try a revival gel containing extracts of Camphor and Menthol. Offering anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties.


Tip 5.

To seal the regimen for more radiant and protected skin, sunscreen with SPF 50 is recommended to ensure skin protection from the harsh UV rays and sunburn. Important for maintaining an even skin tone.


Tip 6.



Multi-Vitamins assist your immune system to replenish the body and promote healthy skin.



Tip 7.



Make water your best friend. Drink plenty of water.

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