10 Luxury Items Worthy of Investment


SnobSwap.com, the leading online marketplace for shopping the best designer consignment boutiques, examined resale values and the fashion environment to determine the 10 luxury items that are good investments. Here’s what they found:

1. Chanel Handbags
Chanel is a great investment for many reasons. Chanel is a true luxury brand that never discount items. In fact, the prices of its bags have increased year to year. This means that a bag you buy now, whether new or resale, might be sold at a profit later. Invest in classic Chanel bags like the Chanel Jumbo or Le Boy bag or with bags straight off the runway, such as the Lait de Coco. In 2008, Chanel’s signature 2.55 was $2,900 and today, the same bag retails at $4,900.

2. Hermès Birkin
Hermès bags, especially the Birkin and Kelly, have reached mythical status. The waitlists and extreme exclusivity, means that there will always be high demand for the long term. In 2001, the basic Birkin cost $4,000. Today, the same bag, retails for $10,000.

3. Louis Vuitton Speedy
The Louis Vuitton Speedy bag continues to maintain a high resale value. It is a classic bag, from a heritage brand, that will maintain its place in the pantheon of luxury bag brands.

4. Louis Vuitton Neverfull
The Neverfull is another great Louis Vuitton bag to invest in. It is both classic and a functional tote for work or light travel, and the retail price is increasing. Do not be surprised if you resell it for close to 80% of the retail price.

5. Christian Louboutin
If you are planning to resell shoes, it is Louboutin or nothing. The iconic red sole might as well be green because you will be able to make the most money off of reselling them compared to other shoe brands.

6. Anything Limited Edition (provided you sell them when they are still popular)
As we learned in economics, supply equals demand, and if there is a small supply, demand – and prices – will go up. One caveat – if you wait too, long demand will dry up (fashion is fickle) and you will miss the window to make a profit off your bag. Case in point, the Chanel’s battered graffiti backpack retails for $3800. Resale prices have been upwards of $13,800.

7. Rolex
When you think of luxury watches, the first name you usually think of is Rolex. Whether due to artificially inflated prices, or just the strong brand name, Rolex is one of the few watches you can make a return on your investment for near or even more than what you paid for retail.

8. Cartier
Cartier is another jewelry and watch brand that has high resale. The trick to reselling watches, whether they are Cartier or another luxury brand, is to look for intricate pieces with a limited supply. Or you wait until it becomes vintage.

9. Patek Phillippe
Vintage watches from luxury brands are great investment pieces. Patek Phillippe watches have a high resale value right now, especially if they are vintage. If you buy a new watch, keep it for at least 10 years and see how much you recoup.

10. Limited Edition Nike Sneakers
In terms of guaranteed profit, limited edition Nike sneakers – like Jordans or other celebrity basketball shoes e.g. Nike Air Yeezy – have a high resale value. As in, a shoe could be sold at retail for $250 but resold for $3,000 new. After strutting the shoes on Instagram, you can easily get $2,000 for these shoes in like new condition.

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