Study by Women’s Underwear Brand Reveals the Words Women Hate the Most


Women’s Underwear start up Knix Wear has released the results of their study of women’s most uncomfortable words. The brand, known for creating moisture wicking underwear with leak resistant and deodorizing technology, initiated the study based on customer feedback regarding the polarizing words, moist and panties.

Knix Wear worked with linguistics expert, Mark Liberman from the University of Pennsylvania, to determine what everyday words make women cringe. The concept known as word aversion is the feeling of intense, irrational distaste for the sound or sight of a particular word or phrase. After interviewing 500 women from across North America, the study identified 40 uncomfortable words, but there were six that rose above the rest.

The candid video “Uncomfortable Words” captures a group of real women discussing what exactly about these words make them uncomfortable. Societal connotations, sexual undertones or even the way the words roll off your tongue were all deemed as potential culprits.

Based on the study results, women’s six most uncomfortable words are:

  1. Moist (77%)
  2. Squirt (68%)
  3. Panties (54%)
  4. Chunky (40%)
  5. Curd (23%)
  6. Flap (225%)

* Percentage of women who found the word uncomfortable or intolerable.

“We had an overwhelming response to our survey, receiving over 500 responses within 24 hours,” said Joanna Griffiths, Chief Knixpert at Knix Wear. “Clearly this is a topic that women want to talk about and as someone who has always hated the words moist and panties, it was easy for me to see why!”

The brand is encouraging women to share their uncomfortable words via social media with the hashtag #WorstWords.

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